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Where To Stay In Bali

Hanging Gardens of Bali, located in Ubud.

If you have plans to visit Bali perhaps the think you don't have to worry about is the place to stay. Since this fascinating tourist attraction never lack of rooms to meet different requirements from their visitors.

There are 6,640 (keep growing) of hotels available all across Bali, in different places with their own unique attractions. It's not the rooms or hotels that you need to worry about, it's where you want to be and how much is the budget that you're willing to pay. Maybe there are few other criteria that you need to consider to suit your personal needs or interest such as location, surrounding areas, types of room, facilities, price and so on.

Hard Rock Hotel, Kuta.

Marriott in Seminyak.

With today's internet technology, to check on these hotels also become much easier. Since the information are scattered widely on the internet the competition become higher and the price become more competitive. It's not just between the hotel that the price is compared but also among the websites that promoting these hotels.

Even though you can search all of these hotels easily, some hotels published their premises with fake photos, or photos of incorrect room and so on. So there are few things to consider avoiding from choosing the wrong hotel. These are few things that I always do before booking my room.

- Check photos from different websites or visitors to get the accurate pictures of the room or place.

- Check on the Google Street for the surrounding areas, as this too can give you clearer picture of the place and the surrounding.

- To check on the facilities as this too can reflect the hotel's capabilities in order to meet your expectations.

-  The number of rooms too is another indicator of the hotel's capability in order to provide better services, even though this not always accurate.

Knowing what you want is the key to find the right place to stay. Sometimes you need to stay at certain locations, to allow you to easy access for other places such as restaurants, beaches, convenience store, transportation, attractions, malls, bars and many other reasons. This can save you lots of time; money and energy at the same time give more time to rest.

Viceroy in Ubud.

Sharma Bamboo House.

Eco Bamboo Home.

Nice place not always necessary to be expensive. Anyway they need to fulfill the basic necessities such as cleanliness, reliable, easy access, hassle free, and clearly stated of operations practices. Yes, often you need to know clearly the hotel check-in and check-out out time or there's any extra charges apply. These small things can still affect customer’s experiences that turn them to loyal customer. Comments from others also can give you some insights about the place but cannot be 100% accurate - some comments are bias or specific to certain time.

Even when you can afford to stay at the best 5 stars hotels, finding the right hotels or places to stay sometimes provide you with extra experiences; that are unique to specific locations. For my personal opinion my experiences always as important as the places where about I’m going to stay as I’m not going to spend all the time at the hotels. Plus most of the times I don’t even use all the facilities provided by these expensive hotels but looking for clean room, good service, nice breakfast, comfort sleep, and the staffs that willingly to help me with all my needs with smile.

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