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Best Watches Brands

Watch can be one of the important items for men to appreciate the value of time. Even though some luxury watches can be too expensive for everyone, these watches actually worth for its price. Luxury watches usually are handmade and only available in small quantities. They are durable, made from high quality items and they also considered as “piece of art” that will increase its value by time. Having one of these luxury watches indicate someone success at the same time their determination in his careers.

In recent years more and more luxury watch makers came out with high quality standards for watches. Luxury watches not necessary means it must be expensive by using expensive materials such as gold, platinum and diamonds. To be truly luxurious watches it has to bear special quality for watch that acceptable by watches lovers. Here are some examples of renowned luxury watches - you might have few more choices of yours.

TAG Heuer

Jaeger- LeCoultre

Ulysse Nardin


Audemars Piguet

Vacheron Constantin


Blancpain Le Brassus

Patek Philippe & Co.


We admires watches since they are one of mechanical marvels. Its constructions need careful planning, calculations, concentrations, knowledge of materials and some of these watches also have many other functions such as moon indicator and sky chart. As we know, we can get digital watches with more functionality yet it still incomparable to luxury watches as it also piece of art. 

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