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World of Arts: Drawing Tools

The basic drawing tools are very easy. You can start almost anytime. - Photo by: easy-drawings-and-sketches.com

We talked about the drawing exercises yesterday, and today we are going to talk about the tools. To start your drawing lessons, you don’t need to have too many tools actually. These tools anyway, will grows together with your skills. So, don’t rush to get all the tools at the same time, but buy it only when you are ready to use it.

The Basic Tools

These three things are the only things you need as a start. For the first few exercises you don’t have to use too many tools. Once you realize that you need to move on to the next stage, then you can add your tools (such as for details shading exercises).

Pencil (you can start with one - better if you have H, HB, and 2B)

You don’t have to use too many pencils for basic exercises. - Photo by: vickerey.com 
You can also use the mechanical pencils, but the best start is with regular pencils. - Photo by: cassart.co.uk

Paper (for basic practice you can do it on any paper - regular A4 paper is cheaper for practice)

The regular A4 paper will save you lots of money. - Photo by: malaysia.exportersindia.com

Eraser (make sure you have a nice clean rubber eraser).

The good quality eraser will leave you a clean surface. - Photo by: skout.com.au

Ruler (this is to draw the guidelines when you do the perspective exercises)

The transparent ruler will enable you to see what’s underneath it. - Photo by: hobbycraft.co.uk

For the first few lessons such as drawing basic shapes, lines, perspectives, and basic human & animal shapes and also composition all the tools above are enough. Focus on the result you want to achieve on the exercises (at this stage, the shapes and quality of lines are more important than the shading). So, don’t worry about your tools.

Other additional tools such as storage case or files to keep your drawing – to see your progress. You need to make sure your progress to understand the different between all the exercises. It’s also important for you to check on your progress (make sure there’s improvement in your exercises.

Always get something to get you inspires to keep on drawing. - Photo by: milestonetoma.blogspot.my

Now you know that to start your drawing exercises, you don’t have to spend too much on tools, and it’s more about your own passion to try something new. Always get yourself inspired with new drawing you want to try, but don’t get too hard on yourself as you’re just beginning your lesson. Give yourself enough time. So, get advice from someone who you know how to draw.

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