Khamis, 26 Oktober 2017

The Largest Hotel In The World, First World Hotel, Pahang, Malaysia

First World Hotel, before the upgrade.

When we talk about something largest in the world, it’s already become something special to looking up to. So with the Largest Hotel in the World, few hotel operators in the world try their best to make sure they don’t lose this title!

First World Hotel and Plaza located in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia with total of 7,351 rooms, has set the Guinness World Record for the largest hotel in the world (by number of rooms). It’s lost its title to The Venetian in Las Vegas when it’s opened on January 2008. By 2015 it’s regained back the title with the opening of a new block. The hotel has received 35.5 million guests since 2006.

Genting Highlands Resort, is a large complex in the top of the mountains.

First World Hotel is one part for the whole Genting Hinglands Resort areas that consist of hotels, malls, casinos, theme parks, convention centres, and concert hall with many other attractions nearby. Currently the whole Genting Highlands Resort is under upgrading to allow the construction of the world’s first 20th Century Fox World that will be opened in 2018.

There are not many things to do during this upgrading period and Genting Highlands still been visit by tourist from inside and outside of the country.

It is the area where this resort is located that makes people keep on coming. The cooling breeze and the surrounding nature provide relaxing moments during their time staying here. This is totally different from nearby city of Kuala Lumpur with its rushing and busy traffics.

The upgrading of the whole complex will include the transport facilities upgrade with more automation stations for cable car ticket to the check-in for the hotel. Even though the complex’s upgrade is still in progress, it might be wonderful to check in just to know what to expect when its fully completed.

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  1. This hotel has left me speechless for sure. Will love to visit this hotel once in my life. I love where the hotel is located as it makes it even more breathtaking!


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