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Online Courses from 10 Best Universities in the World 2018

Online courses give you many advantages.

The Times Higher Education recently came out with the World University Rankings 2018 with the list from top 1,000 universities in the world.

The 10 rankings are the most crucial rankings and slightly changes over the years among few well known universities. Some of these universities are specialized in specific areas and all of them are very good in not only for teaching but also researching with better impact to human all over the world.

While not all of us get the chance to be a fulltime student in these remarkable institutions, this is how we can follow their programs through their online courses. These online courses will provide many benefits before we decide to get more details about it or to further go for the full courses.

You can follow your class anytime.

The 10 ranking of Best Universities in the World 2018

1. University of Oxford

University of Oxford have massive full time courses and online courses covering many categories. These online courses classes are kept small in size to maximise interaction between students and the tutor. The Courses offered normally in 5-10 or 20 weeks in duration, while longer courses result in Oxford qualifications at the undergraduate, advanced diploma and postgraduate levels.

Online courses link: here

2. University of Cambridge

There are few courses offered online by University of Cambridge. There are not many online courses provided by this  university at this moment but still it will get you a chance to know how the learning styles provided from it. If you find there is any course that you like, why not give it a try, after all this is among the oldest university founded in 1209 that still survive until today.

Online courses link: here

3. California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology also known as Caltech is a world-renowned engineering Institute that currently one of the best. Founded as Throop University in 1891 in Pasadena, California, and renamed the California Institute of Technology in 1920. If you are interested in technology field then Caltech’s courses should be the one you are eyeing for.

Caltech courses might be held through various platforms such as edX, Coursera and also iTunesU

Online courses link: here

3. Stanford University

Stanford University provide their online free online courses through Stanford Online with more than 100 unique online courses or MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). There are many categories offer by this institution that held directly from its own platform. There are many courses available to suit your interest. Follow the link below to know more about the courses available.

Online courses link: here

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT provide free online courses through its MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) and available to everyone. Over the years these materials had been used to improve educators’ courses, assist students all around the world for additional resources, and independent learners to expand their knowledge.

The materials provided in OCW covering most of the topics provided at MIT. Some of the courses also provided through different platform such as edX.

Online courses link: here

6. Harvard University

Harvard and MIT created edX as a non-profit online initiative. So you can find most of the courses from Harvard and MIT through edX, while Harvard itself conducting online courses with both free courses and paid online courses.

These courses include all categories from Art & Design, Business & Management, Science & Engineering and all other courses you can find at Harvard. You can either follow these courses directly from Harvard platform or through edX. – trust me, Harvard courses are the best!

Online courses link: here

7. Princeton University

Princeton Online is the Princeton University's initiative in order to provide online education by sharing their course materials with learners from around the world through other online learning platform providers Coursera, edX, Kadenze and NovoEd. Even though its free non-credit courses, its allow millions of educators, students and individual learners to learn more about their interest subjects.

Online courses link: here

8. Imperial College London

The online courses provided not as many other institutions. Sometimes you can also follow courses provided by Imperial College from other online courses provider such as The online courses provided directly from their website in the form of short courses as you can see from the link provided below.

Online courses link: here

9. University of Chicago

University of Chicago offering different types of online courses such as Open Online Courses, Private Online Courses, and Courses for Alumni and Professional Certificates that held in different platforms. These courses can be followed through platforms such as Coursera, Canvas Network, Graham School, Oriental Institute, and AlumniU. Currently online courses provided by University of Chicago not as much as provided by any other institutions above.

Online courses link: here

10. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

ETH Zurich offers some online courses covering few categories from Architecture, Geomatics Engineering, Biology, Biotechnology, Computer Science, and many others. Some of these courses are also offer in English while some other in German. For more details about online courses provided by ETH Zurich, please follow the link below.

Online courses link: here

10. University of Pennsylvania

Penn Online Learning Initiative is the online learning provided by University of Pennsylvania that getting grower over the years. Until now Penn Online Learning have 135 courses delivered through Coursera and edX with more than 6.4 millions enrolments. You can enrol directly through Penn Online websites or other platforms above.

Online courses link: here

If you are thinking about to learn new things or advancing your own carrier, why not learn it from the best! With more online courses offer from various institutions that you can follow with your own pace, not to mention its safe lots of money and time too.

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