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Most Beautiful Bird in the World, Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck Swimming
Mandarin Duck have such a beautiful plumage.

Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata) also known as Mandarin, not like an ordinary duck they have a very beautiful plumage and choose to live in the wild than in captivity. The species of Mandarin Duck once widespread in eastern Asia include Russia, China, Korea and Japan. Today there also some wild Mandarin Ducks in Europe and United States after several of them escaped to the wild.

The size of mandarin duck can get around 41 – 49 cm long with 65 – 75 cm wingspan their size not as big as domesticated duck since they’re also migrating during the winter season. Chose to live in the tree hole near the water where they can easily bring their chicks soon after they hatched. This hole can be up to 10 meters (30 feet) high.

Mandarin Duck Pair
Symbolized as good marriage and fidelity.

Mandarin Duck will stay together for many mating seasons – in Chinese traditional, Mandarin Ducks symbolized a long marriage and fidelity. In fact the plumage of male and female duck is totally different in colors – and the male is exactly have the one who have the beautiful plumage and features. They also symbolized an “odd couple” – or the mixture of two different types of the same category.

There’re few main features in the Mandarin Duck that make it so special and the main feature is the “sail” in the back of their body, the orange crest, cream feathers and the eye-stripe. Their “sail” can easily be seen when they swimming in the pond. Compared to the female, the color is duller but still has the white eye-stripe just like the male but thinner.

Mandarin Duckling
Mandarin Duckling.

Their diets are pretty much the same like any other ducks such as water plants, rice, and other grains. Peoples try to breed them and most of them get escape and turn to be wild again. This is how the Mandarin Duck of Europe and United States came from.

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